Plug-in Vehicle Supplemental Instructions

Plug and Play with the Nissan Leaf

Depending on model year and driver preference, you may want to take advantage of the extension cable that was included in the package with your C2 device. This extension cable will allow you to install the C2 away from the OBD port so that it does not stick out into the driver footwell. However, the extension cable is not necessary, and can be left unused if preferred.

If you decide to use your extension cable, simply attach one end to the C2 device, and the other to the OBD port of your vehicle. Confirm correct operation based on the LEDs as per the instructions provided with your C2 package or at

You can now place the C2 device anywhere that is comfortable and secure. There is often a space above the plastic cover which surrounds the OBD port where the C2 can fit. Try to avoid areas near the pedals or steering column. Use the zip ties included in your package to secure the C2 and/or the extension cable to the vehicle so that neither will stick out into the footwell or loosen during driving. Take care to not pinch the extension cable with the zip ties during installation.



Plug and Play with the Ford CMAX Energi, Fusion Energi, or Focus EV

If you have a Ford plug-in vehicle, you may notice that there are two OBD ports. For the purposes of this program, both ports are functional. However, since one port (pictured below on the left side of the image) is located behind a panel, it is recommended to install the C2 in the port located below the dashboard and to the left of the pedals (pictured below in the middle of the image).



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